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Studio Tour Insider Tips...

I buy art from the person who created it.  By Don Graves.

I’ve been painting landscapes for the past 20 years. Prior to that I served as the Dean of Art at Sheridan College and later as the Dean of Art and Business at George Brown College. Incongruous as that sounds, art is a business and business certainly includes art.
My quick guide to buying art: if you see something that draws you in, something that ‘speaks  to you’, a piece that has triggered your imagination… then you’re establishing a relationship with an artist and their work. I buy art from the person who created it. This isn’t full proof, it just works for me.
  Where can you see and purchase fine art and fine craft?   

  • An art gallery. Big, small, located in major urban centres, nestled in seasonal tourist locations.
  •  The artist’s home studio and website.  And the new variation, the gallery-studio.
  • The auction—big time, fast paced, frenzied six-seven figure bidding down to small local silent auctions for good cause fund raising.
  • The local art show-tour: one of the best, informal sources for art in homes or offices.

 I’ve done all of the above and here’s why the local art show and local studio tour is my go-to choice.

  • Artist cost: rent, paint, frames, brushes, website… and commission that can reach 50% and higher. (For an artist to recover $500.00, a gallery price hits at least $1000.00). Art shows and studio tours charge a contained rental fee.  Like most artists, I want to see my work on your walls and art shows make that affordable for the artist and the buyer.
  • I want to meet you, talk about art, listen to you, and perhaps even paint. An informal atmosphere, with a coffee, is ideal.
  •  What is art worth?  Such a loaded word…worth. In the final analysis it is worth what someone will pay for it.  A local show-tour offers the most purchase flexibility:  prices with no jumbo-sized commissions, a reasonable price with payment terms.
  • “Damn, it’s sold. Look for it…and act.”  The art show is an ideal place for that. I’m not suggesting buy in haste, repent at leisure. I am saying, buying art is based on what moves you, captures your imagination. A buyer needs to listen to their soul and act. I’ve had one buyer in 3 years come back to me saying they’d made a mistake. Do I want a painting on a wall where it is not wanted? I know few artists who do. I took the painting back and the buyer chose another piece.
  • The Burlington Studio tour is a unique opportunity. A studio tour is a rare opportunity to glimpse inside a working studio, a bit like my second choice on where to buy. You are where the action is, be it wood turning, painting, stained glass, jewellery, pottery. All fine art and fine craft, individually designed and created. Burlington is home to two exciting variations on this theme. Teresa Seaton’s Stained glass studio and gallery and Gallery 2, with painters Anne Moore, Cheryl Goldring and Don Graves plus guests.  The art of creation open to you…from inspiration, design, sketch, create to sell.

A closing thought; An art show-tour is a mix and mingle recipe. Couples, families, artists, location, fresh air, funky food…something special happens.

Don Graves.   
Art in Action Tour Artist at Stuido 8