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2019 Studio Artist Application

Application Deadline is Sunday April 14, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Please read through this entire form before filling it out as there are specific requirements for documents and images. If you need to see an example of how the images will be used, please view this artist’s gallery page:

*** If you’re not able fill out this online form, please contact Darlene Wilkinson at or call 905-637-9372 to request a Word document with the required information you need to apply. She will let you know how to get her your photos and application files. ***

Cost to be an artist in the tour is $175 for the tour plus a non-refundable $25 application fee for first time applicants. If you are a first time applicant, you will receive an email with information on how to pay the $25 fee using e-transfer. You must pay the $25 fee before the application deadline in order for your application to be eligible. For all artists accepted in the tour, you will be required to pay the $175 fee within 2 weeks of acceptance. If you fail to pay the fee, your acceptance will be revoked and you will no longer be in the tour.

All Studio artists interested in participating in the 2019 Art in Action Burlington Studio Tour must have their studio available to exhibit and demonstrate their and other artists’ artwork during the tour from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both Saturday November 2 and Sunday November 3, 2019. A studio must be able to provide adequate indoor space for 2 to 3 guest artists to display. If applying as a “Studio Location & Artist”, your studio must be located in Burlington, Ontario. All artists that apply must be producing works that are hand made by the artist themselves and of the highest quality.

All applicants will be juried by an Art in Action committee. Our goal is to demonstrate current (within the last 24 months) original, one of a kind, handmade work. Artwork acceptable for the tour must be original Fine Arts and Crafts. Reproductions of fine art will not be accepted unless accompanied by original work. Photographs and Digital Art must include a statement describing the process that has to be displayed with the art during the tour. You may be contacted for further details by our jurors, and may be asked to provide a sample of your work. If you are a new studio to the tour, we will arrange to see your studio space for appropriateness and safety issues before acceptance.

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This will be used for publicity releases.


Attach Artist's C.V.*

We require your current Artist's C.V. including your contact info, all relevant past education, exhibition experience, and an artist statement. Please attach this in PDF or Word Doc format and use this naming for your file: Example: JohnSmithCV_2019.pdf


Attach Studio Images

We require photos of your studio including two or three images of the interior, one of the exterior and showing any nearby parking. All photos should be ready for print which means they have to be in focus, 300 dpi, in the jpeg file format (.jpg), and in high quality. Each image should be no more then 5 MBs each. Please use this naming for your files: ArtistName_studio1_2019.jpg. Example: JohnSmith1_studio1_2019.jpg, JohnSmith1_studio2_2019.jpg, etc.

Interior Studio 1:*

Interior Studio 2:*

Interior Studio 3:

Exterior Studio:*

Exterior Parking:*


Attach Artwork Images*

We require 4 to 6 images of your artwork similar to or the same as what you intend to sell and demonstrate on the tour. All photos should be ready for print which means they have to be in focus, 300 dpi, in the jpeg file format (.jpg), and in high quality. Each image should be no more then 5 MBs each. Please use this naming for your files: ArtistName1_2019.jpg. Example: JohnSmith1_2019.jpg, JohnSmith2_2019.jpg, etc.


Attach an Image List* in PDF or Word Doc format with the details of the artwork you have provided images for. This must include the file name, title of artwork, medium, size, and price of each work. Please use this naming for your file: Example: JohnSmith_Imagelist_2019.pdf


Attach Your Artist in Action Image*

As this is an art in action tour, we require one jpeg of you creating your art. File must be 1240px wide x 600px high, in focus, 150 dpi image, in the jpeg file format (.jpg), and no more then 5 MB. Please use this naming for your file: ArtistName_Action_2019.jpg. Example: JohnSmith_Action_2019.jpg     NOTE: This image will be used on the Home page rotation. Please use this image as a reference when preparing yours.


Attach Your Headshot Photo*

For the website, we have a headshot photo of you so people can see the lovely face of the artists they will meet on this tour. File must be 313px wide x 400px high, a 72 dpi image, in the jpeg file format (.jpg), and no more then 2 MB. Please use this naming for your file: ArtistName_Headshot_2019.jpg. Example: JohnSmith_Headshot_2019.jpg


* Required Fields


Studio Artist Terms of Exhibition Agreement

I agree that I will open my studio and be present in my assigned studio from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both Saturday November 2 and Sunday November 3, 2019 to exhibit and demonstrate my artwork. I will be exhibiting works for sale that I alone have created. I will supply all required materials needed to exhibit and sell my work, including a portfolio of works not on exhibit. I will supply adequate room for up to 2 - 3 participating guest artists. I agree to meet with guest artists 3 weeks prior to tour to finalize needs of artists and space required to display.

I acknowledge the agreed paid fees to “Art in Action” in connection with this event are for my participation only. I further acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for all personal property and merchandise that I will be providing. “Art in Action” will not be liable for any loss or damage to such personal property or merchandise. I am solely responsible for the collection and remittance of all applicable taxes to the government.

I also agree to allow “Art in Action” to use photographs of myself, my studio, my work and other supplied information for promotional purposes.
If I am accepted on the 2018 Art in Action tour, I would be willing to:

1. Spend time distributing a minimum of 200 brochures.
2. Seek sponsorship.
3. Allow Art in Action the use of my supplied information and images for promotional purposes.
4. I agree to spend a minimum of 10 hours volunteering. If I don’t have time to volunteer, I agree to “pay out” my volunteering for $75.

I opt out of my volunteer requirements. I agree to pay the $75 pay out fee.


I also understand and accept that if I join the tour, my presence is mandatory at the annual general meeting (AGM) and for any other committee meetings I agree to be part of. It is mandatory for NEW studios to attend studio specific meetings. Failure to do so could forfeit their position on the tour.


** Do not leave this page or hit refresh until the submission process is completed. Because you are uploading large files, please be patient during this process as this could take a couple minutes depending on your internet connection. You will see a message appear above the submit button when it’s complete. **