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Janet Jardine

Fine Artist
Studio 4

My works celebrate our environment and heritage. Nostalgia, gratitude, beauty, joy, love, and compassion are driving forces in my work. From expressionistic representation to abstraction, I use an interplay of colour, light, shadow, and texture to convey the vitality and connection I feel through and with my muses.

My inspirations are from the day-to-day existence of being human, and are mostly serendipitous. Time in and with nature is important and replenishing for me, so much of my art is based upon my experiences in natural areas, and the creatures therein. Other inspirations come from life at home, walks with my dogs and common-law husband, the area I live, the journeys I take, big and small, and the music I listen to. Nature. Culture. Memorabilia.

It’s all connected. We are all connected.


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