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Teresa Thompson

Fine Artist
Studio 6

My medium is realism acrylic painting where I strive to represent the subject or place in which I am painting with adding my own personal touch. I take great care in giving life to my paintings through use of colour and depth and paying attention to the details of light and reflection in the eye of a beloved pet or a cool northern lake. After many years now of painting in acrylic I always challenge myself with different subjects to paint from birds to trees reflecting into a still lake. Lately I have been doing more northern landscapes but always go back to my love of painting wildlife and pets.

I get my reference material from our yearly trips to Algonquin Park or our daily outings with our Golden Retriever. I love to paint dogs because of my close connection to our own dog. There is something personal about painting someone’s pet portrait and the feeling that person has when they receive it makes it all worthwhile.


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